Economic, Environmental and Societal Benefits of America’s Fracking Boom

Beyond enhancing our domestic energy supplies, the U.S. fracking boom has had a transformative, positive effect on the economy – creating opportunities for consumers and young professionals alike. Even further, fracking has created widespread health and environmental benefits. The supply of natural gas produced from hydraulic fracking is helping displace the burning of dirty coal, which contributes to the death of thousands of Americans each year. If our national priority is to continue to reduce our reliance on coal in order to meet ever-stricter emissions guidelines, fracking offers gigantic improvements, even if energy consumption increases overall. Fracking doesn’t use as much water per energy unit as other carbon-based fuels or nuclear, helping to preserve other natural resources as well. Hydraulic fracturing has proven, following a five-year information gathering period from the Environmental Protection Agency, not to threaten our drinking water as energy production from fossil fuels does.

Safe and responsible fracking methods help to lower carbon dioxide emissions while unlocking valuable shale gas energy and economic opportunity. There is a natural connection between energy security and job growth, as improved access to energy and electricity provides more chances for private sector expansion and upward social mobility. Hydraulic fracking is not a new technology – it’s been in use for over 60 years – having made “sense” and “cents” for decades already. Looking to the future we can expect to see our use of natural gas continue, assisting more and more families and individuals across the country. A wide variety of hydraulic fracking jobs exist within the industry, and these positions are almost guaranteed to remain secure. During the recent economic down turn, employment in the natural gas industry remained a consistent bright spot.

Hydraulic fracturing is responsible for America’s energy independence. It’s helped prices at the pump stay lower than ever before, helping families in a time of need. Looking at the big picture, it’s clear that we need fracking tools and technology to continue improving so that we may preserve its benefits and continue to build on its efficacy for the years ahead.