How Urban Real Estate Development Is Helping NYC Neighborhoods

Urban real estate development is helping to make the “Big Apple” a little bit sweeter. Through offering to fund homes, projects and much more, companies vested in the growth of the community in NYC bring their A-game to the table every day helping to develop NYC neighborhoods. These are some of the urban real estate development companies that are helping this process along.

Urban Development Partners 1776 Broadway 606, New York
Urban View Development Jen101 Broadway, Brooklyn ยท
Anbau Enterprises 11 E 26th St, New York

Celebrity Homes Are All Over NYC

Celebrities can pretty much live anywhere they want. While LA and Hollywood are where you might find many celebs due to work. Many own homes here for a private getaway while they’re in the studio. Many celebs, however, choose to live on the other side of the U.S in magical NYC. Celebs know that when it comes to the amenities they need you’ll find it all in the city that never sleeps.

From shopping and dining to top notch schools and high class living at its very finest, the Big Apple is waiting for you to get your slice of the apple! Looking for celebs in NYC to live by? Some of the celebrities you may run into in NYC’s Upper Westside include but are not limited to the following.

Jennifer Aniston
Meg Ryan
Dakota Fanning
Derek Jeter
Joe Sitt

How Urban Real Estate Development Helps NYC Neighborhoods

Urban real estate development is imperative to bringing continued life and longevity to NYC neighborhoods. Through supporting positive strong community growth in both residential homes and industrial growth the urban real estate sector helps invigorate NYC neighborhoods. By bringing major long-term investors to a community it helps the community to develop a strong financial structure for growth. This attracts a variety of businesses giving ample opportunity for future generational wealth for these businesses or private parties looking to invest in a strong real estate market.